Last Updated: 8/31/2017
Welcome to Impact Christian Fellowship! We are a group of students on UAlbany desiring to know and follow Jesus more intimately. Our hope is to dig into the scriptures in such a way that we will see what is hidden in plain view for all of us.  If we have ears to hear  and eyes to see, we will learn how to live life differently than the world around us so that  we can put God on display here and now! The community of Impact is here to help you in that! Life was not meant to be lived alone! We meet every Wednesday that classes are in session for worship/study! Click here to check our calendar to find the location  (normally in The Bean by Starbucks)
We do a lot of stuff! Find out more about Retreats, Mission Trips, and Bible Studies Click Here!
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Impact Christian Fellowship is a registered group with the Student Association at SUNY Albany since 1995